To Love is a Choice We Make

Original Post: 30/08/2015

Okay, so there will be a theme for the next few posts (shock horror, I am actually structuring my blog!) around love simply because I think about it a lot in many different ways and it has been on my mind a lot lately. So here is post number one, it is a ramble of musings that I scribbled down tonight.

If we align ourselves with God and pursue an intimate relationship with Him, He will bless what we do because we will align our actions to His will out of a desire to want to be with and like Him. When we understand who we are and whose we are, everything we do will be to strengthen that and to empower the person it is that we believe we are. If we understand that we are great and destined for greatness, we will align ourselves with people that reflect the same.

The whole thing of “it takes one to know one,” works in a positive way too – we recognise what we are, in others – it is the principle that discipleship and replication in leadership is based on. This is why we take the love that we think we deserve, because what we want to grow or shield within ourselves is what we look for in people that we believe have potential to grow with us and extend us, people that will both take from us and give to us.

That balance must be maintained in our relationships so that we do not start viewing the other person as a projection or turn them in to our parent or source of fulfilment. It is like stretching dough, as you pull one side you must pull the other so that you do not end up with a lump of dough ripped off from a flattened piece that takes work to kneed back together, but rather a whole piece that is perfectly flat. In the same way that you are stretched you must stretch the other person and vice versa. It is a balance that must be consciously maintained.

So we choose who to love and how to love them. Our culture tries to tell us that there is a formula to finding someone and a way to love them – that we have a certain “type” and while it is true that there are certain personalities, characters and habits that we will be good, better and best with whilst other pairings will be toxic, I truly believe that we could make most of our failed attempted relationships work.

A little more tolerance, a little more patience and a little less eagerness and rush and I believe that we would save a lot of heartache. If we were more deliberate in our choices of who we loves and how we loved on a daily basis we would have many more beautiful stories to tell with more happy tears and blocks of chocolate and tubs of ice cream shared.

Hope that made some sense! Please someone drop me a comment and let me know if it did and what your thoughts are! xx

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