New Year, New Horizons

Original post: 08/01/2012

Update: This poem was actually used for a drama performance at my new high school later that year. I cannot get myself to re-post my first few blog posts, so we will start with this one and see how we go with re-posting the others.

Happy New Year everyone! I was thinking this afternoon about what to blog about and I realised I have one thing that is really big in my life at the moment that can easily relate to most people; change.

My family and I have entered this year with the knowledge that it would not be spent in the city we have called home for the past twelve years. When I was young we moved from South Africa, my place of birth, to New Zealand. We have spent the last twelve years in Auckland and we are now moving on again to Christchurch, the Garden City.

It was a bit of a sudden thing but after lots of consideration and prayer, we have decided to make the move regardless of the earthquakes there at the moment. We are luckily moving to a town just to the north of the city and will be out of the immediate quake zone.

While sitting at school one day with nothing to do, my mind started racing, processing all the changes I would have to go through. I sat there with the realisation that I could look at this change in one of two ways, with positivity and excitement or with negativity and resentment. I chose the option that would make me happy, make the change easier to deal with and benefit those around me, to take on a positive attitude. I sat there, bored out of my socks, open page in front of me and a fresh mind set. So I wrote a poem. Here is the poem I wrote, I hope that it encourages you and challenges the way that you look at change.

New Horizons

One comes to that point,

When that which you have,

Is no longer what you need,

Time has come for new horizons.


When new things become old,

Challenges become familiar tasks,

Excitement turns to boredom,

Time has come for new horizons.


Friends become strangers,

Enemies familiarise as neighbours,

When what was is different,

Time has come for new horizons.


When turmoil calms to a ripple,

Bullets shot feel as pillows,

Shouts stabbed heard as whispers,

Time has come for new horizons.


The best jokes rewarded with groans,

Gossip stories with faint fake smiles,

When cheap joy tiers a soul,

Time has come for new horizons.


But when one reaches the border,

Uncertainty laid ahead of you,

One comes to that point,

Where old horizons look comfortable.


Previous joys creep into memory,

Doubt looms over the sunset,

When what was is still within reach,

Time has come to take the final step.


Planting one foot,

Making one choice,

Saying one word,

Will change your life forever.


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