Jesus Rush

Original Post: 10/04/12


Can you feel Him?

My Jesus.

I can feel Him everywhere.

In the wind…

… in the air…

… in the light.

He’s all around us.

All you have to do is open yourself up.

All you have to do…

… is wait.

I was at Parachute Music Festival this past weekend and I experienced Jesus in a surreal way. I felt Him move me like I did when I was younger. I felt Him in the wind.

As a young girl, whenever I pressed into Jesus and started feeling Him move my spirit, the breeze would blow through the shutters. He would blow through and physically refresh my body. Hug me with the breeze, envelope me with his love through his creation. Even in churches where there were only small windows, I felt Him in the wind.

When I took the time to think it through, it is when the wind blows outside that I feel Him the most as well. It is then that I experience Him the nearest, press into Him the deepest and feel Him the dearest. It is then that He builds me, encourages me and refreshes me. When I feel Him in the wind.

While at Parachute the breeze started circling me, I was reminded of the time spent with Jesus in the wind and the quote from August Rush that I edited above. There is such power in the opening phrase for me, such awe and belief. It sums up my experience with Jesus in full, feeling Him in the wind, smelling Him in the air and seeing Him in the light.

The last three lines teach me truly how to experience Jesus with your senses. ‘All you have to do is open your self up. All you have to do… is wait.’  When we stand in God’s presence, we soak ourselves in His love and open ourselves and our senses up we experience Him in a supernatural, sense blowing way. There is a verse in the Bible, in a Psalm where it speaks about finding strength in the Lord, praising Him and seeking Him, it finished with ‘Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.’

I challenge you, open yourself up, soak Him in, wait for Him and feel Him, see Him and smell Him in the world around you. Experience the Jesus Rush.

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